Things To See Near Seattle

Washington State is full of wonders, and a lot of them happen to be in or near Seattle. A city nearly two hundred years old, you could imagine that there’s a lot to see and do, and while there’s many, here are a few that everyone should experience at least once.

Deception Pass

Out of the city, there are many wonders to take in, and one is Deception Pass and surrounding Deception Point. With stunning sights, this is one location you’ll want to bring a date to. Remember to bring a camera and enjoy the views of the water, the bridge, and the surrounding beautiful scenery.

Hiking Trails

In nearby Issaquah, there are many great places to hike, as there is throughout the state of Washington. One such beautiful mountain is Tiger Mountain, as well as those around it. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to spend the afternoon outdoors, Tiger and surrounding mountains are a great place to go on a nice hike.

Dick’s Drive-In

Dick’s has become a Washington state staple, offering affordable and delicious fast food fare. Their Dick’s Deluxe is a favorite for many Seattleites and is definitely worth trying at least once in your life. There are many locations throughout the city and the state to try out, such as the one on 45th.

Blue Moon Tavern

If you’re looking for a nice place with history to take in some wildlife, then the Blue Moon Tavern may be the place for you. Opening in the 1930s, the Blue Moon Tavern in the University District has been a place for many intellectuals, poets and those who are thirsty for a cold one, for decades.

University Of Washington Campus

If visiting in the springtime (or anytime) it’s recommended that you go see the campus. If in spring, you’ll be able to see the cherry blossoms bloom, and if you’re there at any other time, you’ll still be able to take in the breathtaking campus. Stop by the Suzzallo Library for some extraordinary architectural beauty that’s spanned centuries.

There are many wonderful things to see and do while in Seattle, as Washington state has plenty of greath things to offer. Take some time to consider seeing Pike Place Market, Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, and so much more. Plan your trip wisely, and maybe come again as you’ll never see it all in a few days.