How to get viable dates on tinder

Tinder is the new way to easily meet people and go on dates. If you have been single for a million years and are wondering where to meet Mr/Ms right, then Tinder is probably a great place to start. Many people shy away from online dating because of the horror stories and possibly past cat-fishing experiences on these platforms. I know I’ve met my fair share of weirdos on tinder. My experience and that of many other people on tinder has however revealed a sure way to attract the right attention and get dates that are worth your while.

  1. Upgrade your profile

Your profile is that first thing that a person will see. The first impression on twitter is everything. It takes a glance for someone to figure out whether or not they want to be associated with you. Knowing this, go back to your profile and carefully examine the pictures you choose. What do they represent? Do you approve of that self image and does it present you accordingly?

If your answer is no, the next time you are feeling great about yourself, ask a friend to capture a few pictures. Take full length pictures and pictures that show your torso and face clearly. Don.t forget to smile. I promise you will look more attractive and approachable.

  1. Speak more eloquently

Yes texts are a whole language and how you text will determine how likely you are to land a great date. learn to text using correct grammar and avoid short answers such as ‘okay’. keep the conversation going and be interesting by being open and honest about who you are.

Eloquence shows that you are a classy well read person. A lot of people will seriously consider someone who challenges their mental aptitude. The human mind loves a little challenge.

  1. Communicate more often

If someone has caught your attention and you have enjoyed talking to them, do not pull a dissapearing act. Consistency allows you to plan for a face to face meet up where you can figure out for yourself if you really are into them or not.

  1. Do not cat-fish people

Pretending you are someone you are not by using false data such a pictures is terrible. No one likes it done to them. Do not do it. its horrible and lame.

These pro tips should help you land a decent date on tinder. Good luck.