An awkward moment in the arctic fox’s molting period

Arctic foxes molt twice annually. Both white and blue color phases occur.They start to drop their long winter fur in early April. By late...

Wondering your dog’s ancestral home?

: Sloughi、Coton De Tulear、Saluki、Africanis、Basenji、Aidi、Azawakh、Boerboel、Rhodesian Ridgeback: Alaskan Malamute、Carolina Dog、Coonhound、Toy Fox Terrier、Australian Shepherd、American Water Spaniel、Chesapeake Bay Retriever、Boston Terrier、Rat Terrier、Catahoula Leopard Dog、American Pit Bull Terrier: Akita、Shar Pei、Chin、Shih-tzu、Shiba Inu、Pug、Indog、Pekingese、Formosan、Tibetan Mastiff、Jindo、Chow Chow: Australian...

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