9 Pics of Priyanka Chopra Dressed Like an Eye Candy

By any standards Priyanka Chopra is a gorgeous woman, from her luscious lips, well defined cheekbones, beautiful thick hair and amazing body.

she is a sight to behold! As if that’s not enough she is multitalented, having achieved immense success as an actress, singer, film producer. She was also crowned the winner of Miss World 2000 Pageant.

Mmmh… there’s just something irresistible about a woman who is both beautiful and has it all together in life.

Focusing on her beauty, in the past she has released pictures dressed like a total eye candy. These have left fans drooling over what they saw. Below is our pick of the best 9.

She looks hot, right? Too bad guys, she is already off the market having being married to one good looking gentleman by the name Nick Jonas.