5 Ways to Catch your Crash’s Attention on Instagram

Does he/she post stunning photos? Do you feel they could be the one for you? Well, you never know as Instagram has become such a powerful platform to interact with people and possibly create meaningful relationships.

Some married people have claimed to have met their better half through Instagram -That is after taking the right steps in approaching.

While your main intention is to catch your crash’s attention, you do not want to come off as desperate, clingy or irritating.

Would you like to learn how to catch his/her attention in a respectful manner? Below are 5 simple ways of how to achieve that.

1. Ensure to follow them – If you do they’ll most likely be curious and want to check out the person who’s followed them.

2. Like their photos (Including old photos) – People love being appreciated and if you like a bunch of their photos they’ll grow curious about you.

3. Leave cute comments in their posts.

4. Do not post too often but when you do, focus on quality by ensuring you always look good- Posting less often while looking fly is definitely going to increase his/her interest to find out more about you.

5. If you can, slide into their dms but ensure not to cross the line and appear irritating.

If you do all of the above, there is no way your crush is not going to notice you, and if they like what they see, something may develop.

However, if they do not respond positively, it may be that they do not like you or they have something else going. Their loss! Someone suitable is still out there. It is important to know when to cut your losses. All the best!