5 Circus Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

One of the great things about the internet is the wide range of ideas and skills people can share. Whatever skill you want to learn, from the simple and practical to the wildly random, you will likely find tutorials and advice online. So if your inner child still wants to run away with the circus, here are five circus skills you can learn from YouTube videos!

1.Juggling- From standard juggling balls to clubs to flaming swords, you’ll find teachers on YouTube with some crazy juggling skills! Start out with the simple two-ball juggling and work your way up. You’ll be surprised by how complex juggling can become and by how much fun it is!

2.Hoop dance- Ever wondered what you can do with that old hula hoop? Get creative and burn some calories with hoop dancing.

3.Unicycling- A fun trick and arguably the most eccentric form of transportation, you can learn to ride a unicycle in under a week with some great tips from YouTube.

4.Fire dancing- This one takes a bit of dedication but it’s well worth the investment! From fire contact staff, fire poi, and fire hooping to fire fans and more, there are a wide variety of hot new skills that you can learn from the internet! Be advised that precautions should always be taken when using fire and that these skills must be learned and carefully practiced before props are ever lit.

5.Magic tricks- Who doesn’t love a party trick? Learn some classic illusions to pull out of your hat whenever you want to awe or impress! Card tricks, money tricks, numbers tricks, and slight of hand: it’s always good to have some magic up your sleeve!